Evil Google

Enter_the_Inferno_by_alexiussGoogle’s “do no evil” motto, is start­ing to be a joke. As the com­pany evolves, it’s adding new ser­vices and “improve­ments” to its site. I for one am not happy with them.

What ser­vices are irri­tat­ing me, you may ask? Well, there are a cou­ple, geolo­ca­tion, sin­gle signon and secu­rity, just to name a few. These are my top 3 annoy­ances that come up on fairly reg­u­lar basis. Not to men­tion the qual­ity of your results, which are start­ing to be inferior.


This is my biggest pet peeve, with the major­ity of big online web­sites. What am I talk­ing about? The auto­matic redi­rec­tion to a local­ized ver­sion of the website.

A good exam­ple would be: if from Ger­many and I type in google.com, instead of get­ting the eng­lish ver­sion of the site, I would get the ger­man. In the­ory, the idea behind this was to improve web­site usabil­ity. Since the IP address is a good indi­ca­tor of where I’m located, I would rather want the local­ized ver­sion of the site. Right? Wrong.

As a user, if I wanted to get the ger­man ver­sion, I would have sim­ply typed google.de instead of google.com. There is a rea­son why we have domain names. They spec­ify where I want to go… As eng­lish speak­ing per­son liv­ing in non-english coun­tries, I expect the sites to not redi­rect me. I typed google.com, not google.de, give me the web­site I requested!

At least Google is good about it’s con­tent. Local­ized ver­sions of their site still have some eng­lish to be able to switch back to the orig­i­nal ver­sion. Some sites don’t do this prop­erly, where you get the whole page in the native lan­guage. Not so great if you don’t know the lan­guage, and can’t find the “change lan­guage” option.

Sin­gle Signon

webpass-abe37849d4a7109608572656c8b09531For peo­ple with mul­ti­ple accounts, this is a great pain in the butt. Ever since Google started pro­vid­ing seam­less authen­ti­ca­tion between their ser­vices, switch­ing between accounts became tedious. Not every­body wants to use the same account for all of the services.

Youtube recently joined the band­wagon, and became inte­grated with the rest of Google. This is when I got frus­tar­tated with SSO. As a proud owner of mul­ti­ple GMail accounts, I do not want them to be con­nected in any way with Youtube. Email is email, Youtube is Youtube, I don’t wan’t them together.

SSO should be a optional fea­ture, not some­thing I should fight with on a daily basis.  As I switch between my email accounts and watch Youtube on another tab, I want them all to be logged in at the same time. Retyp­ing my pass­words 20 times a day is unacceptable.


Hav­ing good secu­rity is a must in todays day and age. You want to feel secure on the web. But some­times, a per­sons online habits become treated as a secu­rity threat. This is when secu­rity becomes a hindrance.

I recently installed myself Round­cube. I wanted to have a online alter­na­tive to my local email client. This insta­la­tion had a addi­tional plu­gin installed, called identities_imap. It enables me to switch between one or more remote IMAP accounts. But because my server is located in another coun­try, Google clas­si­fied it an attack.

Fine by me, but the least they could do is pro­vide me with a way to dis­able this threat detec­tion. Maybe I want to use my account simul­ta­ne­ously from mul­ti­ple machines around the world.

Any­ways, after 2 hours I received an email noti­fy­ing me about the breach. A link was included to dis­able this fea­ture for 10 min­utes. Worked on my first account, not so much on the rest of them.



Search Results

The core func­tion­al­ity of the entire com­pany, the search. I don’t know about you, but lately the search results have been lack­ing. Instead of get­ting spot on results, or no results at all, Google is giv­ing me every­thing but what I was search­ing for.

When I type some­thing into the search bar, I’m very spe­cific about the search terms. I know how to effec­tively search. Yet the search algo­rithms assumes I’m a imbe­cile, and tries to return result for all sim­i­lar syn­onyms of the terms I entered. It always gives a result, no mat­ter if it’s not what I’m look­ing for.

I rather have no search results, than have to wade through a pile of use­less links that aren’t what I’m search­ing for!

Evil Google

In my eyes you’re becom­ing evil Google! You are break­ing your promise and motto. Instead of sim­pli­fy­ing things, you are com­pli­cat­ing them. Life used to be sim­ple, you had cool ser­vices all sep­a­rated from each other. Thats how you should have kept it.

Google, I will still use your “prod­ucts”, but with a frown on my face.

How about you, what are some of the things Google any­ones you? Share your thoughts below.

Tomasz Bogdal

Engineer by day, hacker at night. I take the road less traveled, dissect the unknown. Give me something new, and I'll master it by the dusk of dawn.

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