Breath of Fresh Air

bright_dayMy decision has been made, change is my future. I have officially decided to leave my place of employment. As of Monday my resignation will be made public.

A sense of freedom and relief just hit me. The decision is liberating. But at same time a slight hint of sadness remains. The people around me, that I saw every day, will no longer be there.

Bright Future

A new chapter in my life will start shortly. One filled with excitement and change. Instead of working for someone, I will be starting a business, which for me is something new. The best part is, I already have a client lined up.

A buzz of excitement rushes through my veins. New things to do, new things to learn. Something invigorating  is happening, after a long period of stillness... There's no better feeling.

Hopefully my plans will go smoothly, without a hitch. I'm confident that everything will go as planned. It's the unexpected that worries me a little. But without risks there are no gains.


I feel a bit teary, that the familiar day-to-day will have to change. Over the years I have met some great people, which I will dearly miss.

It's hard to look back, without thinking about them. The people who I've worked with side by side. The awesome team that formed and friendships that blossomed. Not seeing them everyday will be something different. I hope our paths will cross again, someday soon.

Yet I'm sure that new friendships are not far away. The old ones are here to stay. One door closes, while another opens.

Carpe Diem

waiting_spider_webAll in all, it's time to seize the day. Start this new adventure and see what the future brings. It's up to me to weave the Fatum of my life. This will be a nice breath of fresh air.

Tomasz Bogdal

Engineer by day, hacker at night. I take the road less traveled, dissect the unknown. Give me something new, and I'll master it by the dusk of dawn.

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