Tomasz Bogdal

Engineer by day, hacker at night. I take the road less traveled, dissect the unknown. Give me something new, and I'll master it by the dusk of dawn.

Unix in Windows


The love hate rela­tion­ship that is the com­mand line and Win­dows. Any­one that has used Linux and has mas­tered the ter­mi­nal, feels very unpro­duc­tive on Win­dows. I for one feel like that. Too much click­ing, give me a TUI (Text User Inter­face)!Recently Pow­er­Shell gave Unix peo­ple new hope, that times…

Breath of Fresh Air


My deci­sion has been made, change is my future. I have offi­cially decided to leave my place of employ­ment. As of Mon­day my res­ig­na­tion will be made public.A sense of free­dom and relief just hit me. The deci­sion is lib­er­at­ing. But at same time a slight hint of sad­ness remains.…

Evil Google


Google’s “do no evil” motto, is start­ing to be a joke. As the com­pany evolves, it’s adding new ser­vices and “improve­ments” to its site. I for one am not happy with them.What ser­vices are irri­tat­ing me, you may ask? Well, there are a cou­ple, geolo­ca­tion, sin­gle signon and secu­rity, just to…

Plesk Round Two


Get­ting ready to go live, every­thing was almost there. The domain name was pur­chased, just had to do some cleanup. The ini­tial ver­sion of this site was installed via the Plesk Panel on another domain, I just had to copy over the web app.One mis­guided click and the entire website…

A Long Beginning


Think­ing about start­ing to write, you know get­ting a blog… Do you have the urge to open up, and share with the world. Let me present two ways on how some­one may starts such an endeavor.Our first story will look at your aver­age Joe, some­one look­ing to start as quickly…