A Long Beginning

izov8lLYUy31dThinking about starting to write, you know getting a blog… Do you have the urge to open up, and share with the world. Let me present two ways on how someone may starts such an endeavor.

Our first story will look at your average Joe, someone looking to start as quickly as possible. While the other will look at the same problem but through the prism of an engineer.

Which person am I? Well, you’ll have to read on…

The Average Joe

Joe wants to start a blog, where does he start? The first instinct that most people have these days is Let me Google that. So Joe does just that, he goes to google.com, and enters blog into the search bar and presses enter.

After a few clicks he lands on one of the first websites and his decision has been made. Joe has just joined the thousands of other bloggers on blogger.com. Without further thought he starts sharing his views with the world and he officially becomes a blogger.

The decision for most people is an easy one, usually it’s quick and simple. Now let’s see how our fellow engineer would do in the same situation.

The Engineer

Lets enter the complex mind of a thinker, a person whose job it is to solve problems, the engineer. His view of the world is drastically different from what other people have. He sees problems that needs solving, solutions that need streamlining. Decomposition is the name of the game.

What is a blog, what are the components involved, those are the some of the things rattling through the brain of our engineer. He sees the blog as a collection of components where each one plays a critical role. Choosing the right one is a must, he wants to do it properly, who knows maybe he will want to expand it in the future, to do other things.

First he needs a domain, a way people can easily reach the site. It needs to be short and sweet, easy to remember. Something that will stick in the minds of his readers. He must be clever with it, as the Internet never forgets and changing it costs money.

Once he has that he needs a place to host his blog, a sever. Ahh, the endless possibilities of providers. Virtual or dedicated? Linux or Windows? Managed or un-managed? How much RAM, 4GB, 8GB, maybe 16GB? Finally he has to decide on the software, what will he use to actually publish hist content. Choices, choices, choices…

Doing the research, choosing the right elements, it all takes time. You may think why go through all this trouble, when you can choose from one of the links Google gives you? Well for our problem solver, the destination is not as important as the journey. It’s the trill of the chase for answers, the search for solutions, that what makes him tick.

Where do I fit in

If you haven’t guessed it already, I am the engineer in this story. The idea of sharing with world has lingered in my mind for some time, but haven’t acted until recently.

I like writing, composing words, but until now it was only technical documents. Don’t get me wrong, I plan on writing geeky and technical stuff, but I also want to blow off some steam writing about other topics such a this one. I think this text is very fitting as a first post on this site.

Tomasz Bogdal

Engineer by day, hacker at night. I take the road less traveled, dissect the unknown. Give me something new, and I'll master it by the dusk of dawn.

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